Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.6.1655 (Sunday 17 June 1655)

document 70008655

June. 17. god good to us in many outward mercies, the season healthy, and fruitful, I bless god for some affection stirring in me, towards his truth, his people, the poor afflicted Savoyards(.) I find my heart very dead in private prayer, I find my spirit not disquieted often though(,) so lord let nothing crowd anything of thee out of my spirit, I entreat thee; we gathered this day for Savoy in public. 8li.12s.2d. the hand of god on me for good, Lord, thy love to me engages my heart to yours, and what I can do is yours, made this collection. 9li.11s.8d. the 3. reddish cows took bull June. beginning: but 4.5 - Westney, June 19. and the Black Hedge cow 20.