Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.6.1655 (Sunday 24 June 1655)

document 70008665

June. 24. Heard of the welfare of my friends in Norfolk, the lord good to me in very many outward mercies oh be good in real and believing heart, god provides for me, but I find my heart sluggish, and not fervent in preparation for my business, prosper thy work, thy hand work on my spirit, I entreat thee, moved in Mary Peakes business to consider what was best to be done on her behalf, it was a great mercy it was not in the night, the lord was good to me in the word, and in some cheerfulness of spirit in preaching it. its said the last week divers good ministers died in London, 3 named the lord prepare me for whatsoever he shall be pleased to do with me, and the generation,