Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.9.1655 (Sunday 2 September 1655)

document 70008790

Sept: 2: God good to me in many outward mercies, but my heart is not lively, and intent on doing for god in my place, and to enjoy god. I sometimes lift up my heart for witnesses of the spirit, and divine presences, but my heart is staid in common enjoyments. the season sad with rain, and men worse in being settled on their lees, they do what they will and will not be restrained: great revolutions are at hand, and our great security evidences it: 1656. from Christ. by the account of this nativity with the creation, begin now in some mens account(,) the lord fit me, for trials, are at hand, Lord pity poor Poland: harassed by Swede and the Moscovite worst of all, god was good to me in the word it was seasonable let it be effected all but that is thy work to make it so. a sweet afternoon,