Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.11.1655 (Sunday 4 November 1655)

document 70008940

No: 4: God good to us, in many outward mercies, though he answered not prayer in Sams , and Shaws business, yet I trust he will, my mind is very quiet, and runs more to god, the less it finds of man, in other payments, I was well provided for; An fell off the bed without any hurt blessed be god, a neighbours infants arm broken with a fall(.) oh how the lords eye is on me; the lord good to me in the word preached, and expounded; an arbitration between sisters was submitted to me, the lord in mercy help me to walk in wisdom uprightly. I desire to deliver a poor shiftless one from the hand of another than would oppress, and yet to relieve the oppressed.