Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.12.1655 (Tuesday 23 December 1655)

document 70009015

Dec: 23: God good in many outward mercies, my wife ill, but somewhat better. the heart out of frame is a sad case, especially when we will not see it. but think our evil is well, and its then evil to awaken us to our duty. and this lord is that some see, I desire to spread this frame before thee to cure it. there is such a heart to thee and man that is like a deceitful bow, it will promise fair, but there is no faithfulness to perform, - and one misery of such a spirit is that it never quickens up others not the child to its duty not the wife, not the husband, yes is best when all partake of their sloth, it is full of excuses, to put of its own fault to others its a frame that there is little hope of mending; Lord, my soul grows to thee if you please to do anything for me herein, do it speedily, thy will be done,