Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.4.1656, 10.4.1656 (Wednesday 9 April 1656)

document 70009210

9. went to Messing a good day to me, I went about 20, miles on foot that day, heard and true that Turners daughter was distracted in this quaking business, sad are the fits at Coxall(,) like the pow wowing among the Indies, the lord in mercy remember us for good. when Christ came., the nation of the Jews full of possessed with devils, he is semia illegible text dei, and then said he casts out devils by the prince of devils why may not the antichrist, or rather the false prophet. [10] Rev. 13. being the devils confident throw out by the devils power, those really possessed with the devil. but who these possessed people shall be; and when deus noverit, certainly he is brooding over some monster.