Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

15.6.1656 (Sunday 15 June 1656)

document 70009360

June. 15. God good to me in many outward mercies, yet not without some mixture of affliction, my wife very ill, she had thought she had bred, but did not she thought but was ill in her body, god shine on her in mercy, as I trust he will, An was very ill with the coming down of her fundament, my eyes are towards thee for help sanctify thy hand oh lord to me and mine I humbly entreat thee, the season was exceedingly hot, and dry, lord in mercy refresh the earth with thy dews, heard my uncle Josselin in Norfolk was well, and that he will be with me shortly, the lord send him well to me, the lord was good to me, this day in the word, my heart is not under the vanities I have formerly met with(.) the lord sanctify his hand to me, and do me good by all.