Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

5.7.1656 (Saturday 5 July 1656)

document 70009430

5: within one quarter of an hour, after this was written die 5. Giles Crow came to me from Mr H. who was troubled, promised to rectify mistakes, prayed me to go on if I had any desire thereunto; lent me his horse to Colchester, and to help me, with the money, I should want. while speaking in came Mr Butcher , we agreed for Mr Weals part, and his daughters, rode to Colchester, Mr Weals was very rough in the matter, and would do great matter against Mr Butcher ; my Cousin Josselin was not at Colchester, and indeed not come from London. which I hope is a good providence to my business, there I met with one Mr Hauks of London who is buying Sams land, I hope god is mercifully remembering me in that business, my eye is towards him(,) news of another parliament to be called together, Sept. next.