Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.7.1656 (Tuesday 8 July 1656)

document 70009445

8: my money comes in as for my business very well, heard of Major Haines health(.) received Mr Noels business from him and I trust he has done more in other mens. My An ill, and so also is my wife with the falling down of the mother its hard to find out the particular cause of our troubles, but what god we omit, or ill we do that is hinted to us, its safe to reform, to thee oh how lord we come in christ for thy healing in body and spirit, oh do it for thy loving kindness sake.

Heard how Dr owen endeavoured to lay down all the badges of scholars distinction in the universities: Hoods, caps, gowns, degrees, lay by all study of philosophy he is become a great scorn, the Lord keep him from Temptations, least his great heart turn up into the wind of error, and endeavour some great matter against the truth, I fear about him