Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.8.1656 (Sunday 10 August 1656)

document 70009535

Aug: 10: God good to me in my wives health, for which my soul blesses him, she was not ill with the fall of the mother as she feared, but another distemper of the piles, her fear removed: god begun very much to revive her spirits, and to move about, she gathers strength; reports of a wonderful snake seen in Taine, at Tallers barn as big as the calf of a mans leg, and half a yard rod long; on Thursday, at Feering berry, a brand with which the reapers lighted tobacco by boys being thrown into stubble fired, the wind drove it on the reapers they fled, and so avoided danger, in a thrice it burnt before the wind to the lands end about an acre the wind saved the rest of the field, much more hurt was done near London so as the grass, god was with me in the word, my sleepy hearers are a trouble to me, lord quicken them therein, and me also by thy grace,