Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.8.1656 (Sunday 17 August 1656)

document 70009545

Aug: 17. God good to me, and mine in many outward mercies, the lord in mercy accept of me for good, constant rumours, as if divers old grandees that were commonwealths men were secured, mens ways are full of danger, the great ones tumbling down one by another, the sure standing, and safe only in gods paths. this day. Sam Burton , and lame Byat . while I was reading the chapter, were sitting in the maids seat, and made a disturbance, the justice , commanded the Constable to take them forth to the cage, the mother went out of the church and took her son from the Constable, and said her husband paid scot, and lot in the town, and her son should sit anywhere. lord pity us, and heal us and destroy us not, the lord be merciful to us, under all dispensations: the lord good to me in the words, yet I find my heart very careless, and regardless in setting myself on his work, lord humble me and pardon me. said that on Tuesday night Aug: 12. two armies were seen in the air fighting, the watch saw it and heard the noise of their muskets, I shall enquire the truth of it