Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.9.1656 (Sunday 7 September 1656)

document 70009605

Sept: 7. god good to me, and mine in many outward mercies, the season wonderfully dry. Mr H. hopping that held 16. days to a little, not disturbed one moment with rain, nor any wind, the lord accept of us, and show favour to us in the season if it be his pleasure: we had many strangers hearing this day, the lord was good to me in the word, for whose presence my soul blesses him, the night before the Sabbath, I much dreamed it being reiterated, that divers ministers carriage gave the Prot. Court advantage to be cursed unto them, I thought at a stile I called to one who was talking with another, in a path the rye near ripe to ask him, whether Mordechai might not be too stiff in his carriage to Haman though god providenced it unto good. I remember they were fifth monarchy men.