Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.5.1657 (Sunday 17 May 1657)

document 70010250

May. 17. a fruitful season; for all things, but the heart of the nation never less regardful of god, they mind themselves, their lusts, their opinions their own designs no time nor heart to mind or regard the things of christ, our professors that are not apostatized, are under much indifference, and coldness of spirit, zeal for truth is gone, though men are valiant for their lies and follies; god was good to me this day in holding out the mercy of god through christ to sensible sinners, I have need of thy comfort, oh when will you quicken me, thy word be life and health unto my soul, oh blessed be god for another comfortable and quiet Sabbath, god shall yet add more, oh that my heart were provided for trials before they come, and in that day god would be my help.