Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.5.1657 (Sunday 24 May 1657)

document 70010265

May. 24: God good in many mercies to us, my wife only very ill, but concludes it is childing, and a girl, the lord be our portion and its in mercy, the Major , and his wife with us hearing, god has taken his eldest son, my heart very vain yesterday, Satan making a step into temptation intending me hurt, the lord help me, I am not sensible of my weakness, and thereupon stand on my watch, and call in the help, and assistance of Jesus Christ, this day the lord put some stop on my heart, oh crucify every evil in me I entreat thee, news this week that the Swede had routed the Pole, and the Portugal forced Spain to retreat from Olivenca