Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.7.1657 (Thursday 23 July 1657)

document 70010395

23. we met at W. Webs at Gaines Colne to seek god, the lord good to us in the word and prayer. when all was done Mr Clarke the minister of the place told us that coming to us he saw one An Crow (counted a witch) take something out of a pot and lay by a grave, he wonders what was to do, when he drew near he espied some baked pears, and a little thing in shape like a rat, only reddish and without a tail run from them, and vanished away, that he could not tell what became of it, the party said she laid them there to cool, she was under the window where we exercised. I pressed her what I could(,) she protests her innocency, lord be our keeper.

heard as if Dr Wright were very ill, making much bloody urine, lord I leave myself on thee to provide for him, yet let him live in thy sight.