Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.1.1658 (Tuesday 12 January 1658)

document 70010760

12. Baptised my neighbour Burtons son, at night the midwife with us, my wife thinking she might use her, but being sent for my wife let her go, that another that was in present need might be helped, and it was a mercy to us so to dispose my wives heart, her going tending to save a poor womans life, but within half an hour, as soon as I had done family prayer, my wife had so sure a sign of her labour and speedy that put us all to a plunge, I sent 2 messengers after her and it was at least 4 hours before she came. Mr R.H. man fetched her, but she came time enough for us god be praised, my wife was wonderfully afraid and amazed but help was speedily with her and in particular young Mrs Harlakenden , who put forth herself to the utmost to help her, and her presence was much to my wife .