Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.3.1658 (Sunday 14 March 1658)

document 70010895

March: 14: I was in a very dead frame, without sense and life in my spirit, there was no sense or weight of sin on my spirit, no longings on my soul after Christ. I was much troubled to find my heart in this frame, I could not pray, nor meditate, nor be solemn nor serious, but under great distractions of spirit, yes so on the lords day morning, but in morning prayer my heart was somewhat opened, and in the ordinance of the lords table affected, for which mercy my soul blesses god. Major Haynes joined with us in breaking bread but good Mr H. was sick at home, lord you remember me with thy presence and favour and I will praise thee: I administered the sacrament to Mr H. at his house at priory . the lord raise him up and restore him to perfect health.