Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.4.1658 (Sunday 11 April 1658)

document 70010970

April: 11. A very sweet day. I bless god for his mercy and goodness unto me in my affair with my Cousin Blondell my heart is often under amazement. but yet I find vanity returning on me and taking hold on my mind oh when will you heal me oh Lord: we read this day the lamentable relation of the usage of the poles churches by the papists, the relation penned to gain, there is craft in these things as well as truth, our state by pitying them endeavour to gain favour and estate among foreign churches, but out of bowels to christ and to them as my brethren I shall by word and act help to succour them. lord do you pity them. God was good to me in the word, and work of the Sabbath for which I bless him