Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.9.1658 (Wednesday 29 September 1658)

document 70011290

29. Kept a day of prayer at Goodman Mathews god good to us therein, young Mr Harlakenden prayed pressingly men should serve god with their estates, I proposed to our company to pray to god to direct me in something that was on my spirit to mention to them in order to myself and them, and yet I was not minded to do it of myself, but on their accounts, least they should in a strait blame me that I did not, My mind was on my necessity to alter the course of my living, and turn farmer; some of them apprehended my words tended to a remove, and spoke as if they would do somewhat in the business, but what it will be god knows, the lord can open and enlarge my condition somewhat, and if he please to do it my heart shall bless his name, A report that Henry Cromwell coming over from Ireland was cast away at sea. but it proved false.