Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.11.1658 (Sunday 14 November 1658)

document 70011375

Nov: 14: God good to me, and mine in our outward mercies; My humble earnest desire is that souls and bodies of me, and mine might prosper, and it is the lord only that makes us do so. the root of my crop lies in his own mercy, and in that covenant of grace, whereof Jesus is Mediator and surety. my endeavour through grace shall be to avouch this god for mine, to honour Jesus in believing in him, to submit to the spirits motions, to talk in subjection to all their commands, oh that you would bless me indeed, and continue thy sanctifying, prospering presence with us, god was good to me in the word I began to catechise this day, I came home nimbler than some old persons, and they think that is my advantage, and I apprehend they are nearer heaven and cannot be long out of it and I reckon that a good advantage indeed.