Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.1.1660 (Wednesday 25 January 1660)

document 70012240

25. This day I spent at Priory in a day of praise to my god at Mr H. desire to whom I spoke something from psalm 50.v.15. and heartily prayed to my god in Christ for him, lord hear and be gracious. When I look back into the world I find nothing but confusions, hopes of a peace between Spain and France, but sad wars in the North, the Swedes bustling as a rod tearing the flesh of the nations, but not advantaging themselves and our poor England unsettled, and her physicians hitherto leading her into deep waters. Cromwells family cast down with scorn to the ground, none of them in command or employment, the nation looking more to Charles Stuart , out of love to themselves not him, the end of these things god only knows, we have had sad confusions in England, the issue god only knows