Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.2.1662 (Monday 17 February 1662)

document 70013380

17. my fit very gentle blessed be god, in the night it rained the wind rose and was 18: violent beyond measure. overturning a windmill at Colchester wherein a youth killed, divers barns, stables, outhouses, trees, rending divers dwellings few escaped, my loss much, but not like some others, god sanctify all to us. throwing down stacks of chimneys, chimneys, part of houses. the lady Saltonstall killed in her bed her house falling - Whitehall twice on fire that day, some orchards almost ruined. 27 trees blown down within priory wall , timber trees rent up in high standing woods. the wind was general in England and Scotland Holland sea coast, but not in Scotland.