Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.3.1662 (Sunday 30 March 1662)

document 70013430

March. 30. God good to us in many outward mercies, a dry Sabbath in an open church and wet season for which mercy the lords name be praised. god good to me in many outward mercies for all my soul rejoices in him. my heart up in the word to arouse sinners.

[Estate.] When I came to view my outward estate. I find my layings out are 192li.19s.11d. my whole receipts. - 117li.15.9. my debts were 80li. now at least. 86li.5s. my debts owing me were more by 27li. than now. my charge is 199li.4s.11d. which exceeds my receipts 81li.10s. but through mercy my stock is better than last year by some pounds and my building has cost me at least a 100li. so that my estate is not impaired blessed be my good god.