Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.1.1666 (Sunday 21 January 1666)

document 70014995

Jan. 21. weather cold and wet for which god be blessed our ponds empty and almost without water. plague increased at London to 158. burials. 375. - 110 increase lord pity and pardon. Jan. 10. the Q. mother of France died of a cancer in her breast, that King intends great matters, she did not long overlive her brother philip of Spain, Colchester about 48 46. god good to me in preaching his word, lord make it a blessing to us all. heard of my sons masters health, he writes for him, we intend him up, god in mercy preserve him

These particulars I observed in the general bill. ending Deceb: 19. 65.

97. parishes. buried 15209. pl. 9887 Males 48569
14. parishes b.......41351.....28888 Females 48737 97306
12. p................28554.....21420 plague 68596
5. p................12194......8403

Christenings 9967. - increase in burials this year. 79009. The greatest plague in England since that in Edward the thirds time, and yet it continues, as very fierce in many places of England, this Jan. 26. what god may do, the weather being now cold frosty, I know not, but hope well.