Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.3.1667, 4.1667, 5.1667, 6.1667, 7.1667 (Sunday 17 March 1667)

document 70015460

March: 17. [cold snowy March.] The snow yet lies. but the frost is broken, which continued very violent this march, much endangering corn. yet it went away not as feared with a cold easterly rain. but gently though in part cold. all people said it was the bitterest march in their remembrance; the seed time was bad at Michaelmas. - the winter wet. and then frost. few peas and horsecorn yet sown. 18: frost morning, but after warm and clear: 19. clear and warm: so. 20. 21. 23. wet. 24: cheerfully warm. 25. cold stormy. 26. 27. 28 cold wind, and some storms: 29. 30. frosty mornings, but calm warm days: 31. so but not frost - dry and warm to Ap: 7. 13. barley land wrought well though not laid up by reason of the frost. persons sow peas and bullimong. such weather till. Ap: 22. then small showers but cold. corn yellow. May 3. drizzling showers but very cold. scarcely a shower in April. cold and dry to the 19. May. some few showers in most places, great in some. May. 24 turned hot and dry. so until. June. 16.. and then a ground rain blessed be god a great drought July. - grass scarce. corn thin on all dry grounds, but good on many cold and heavy lands, so that it was a good year. confirming that a drought breeds no famine in England.