Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.8.1667 (Sunday 4 August 1667)

document 70015560

Aug: 4: The parliament sent home until oct. 10. by reason of the peace concluded July. 21. at Bredali between all the nations and us at war. France prospers in Flanders, now our fears are of a standing army, papists and persecution. but my hope is in god, I ended my sermons on Jer. 4.3.4. breaking hearts the way to save a nation from breaking, and god sends us hopes of peace, saving us on the account of his sovereignty and goodness

[Dendermond: ] The attempt on this place put a stop to the French progress, giving them much loss in their baggage by inundation, and loss of men by storm and sally. the Spaniards also had a good bout upon 500 of their horse. and on an inroad by their garrisons into Picardie, yet they attempt Lisle.