Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.3.1668 (Sunday 22 March 1668)

document 70015770

March: 22. Easter day. cold and dry season. administered sacrament. 14. present. some come in, lord compel all, and make them worthy of thee. the lord in mercy show himself gracious to us and our land

When I come to view my estate. I find through mercy all my children about me, my eldest son trading in the world, and I hope with gods blessing, some others able to do something, I find no great gain, and its of mercy I do not go behind hand, my stock I think is rather better than last year, I have purchased and paid for a house on the green cost me. 16li. and I have laid out at least 6li. on it, and I am not in debt, but have 20li. owing me since last year, the lord adds to my graces and comforts, for I find a decay in nature I observe since the three comets though we had droughts and scarcity of hay yet plenty and so a great cheapness of corn