Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.11.1672, 3.12.1672, 24.12.1672 (Wednesday 27 November 1672)

document 70017130

No. 27. being at my daughter Janes at Lexden I was taken in my bed. or coming out of it with the sciatica pain in my hip bone so that I could not step. and when I came home not turn myself in my bed, wholly deprived of strength on that side but through mercy, god gave me in the use of means some help(.) there was a surfeit with oysters, which although they did not nauseate my stomach, met with so much phlegm in my stomach, and being bound. they lay corrupting in my stomach(.) I eat at first little but drank wine. strong beer pretty freely, and that carried them of, and my vomits had a tincture of them to Tuesday. December. 3. I sweat; eat well but gather strength slowly this being 24. but I am under great hopes of a perfect recovery and I hope quickly: I had a servant died(,) this a mortal time in our town(,) about. 15 buried in 7 weeks; to the praise of my good god I record that on the 25. 26. I began to take many steps without stick or stay