Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.1.1673 (Monday 27 January 1673)

document 70017140

27. went to Markshall. my L. Honywood sent her coach for me. there I stayed to March 10. in which time my Lady was my nurse and physician and I hope for much good. on Thursday. Feb. 27 or sooner some red spots appeared on my lame thigh, which they conceived the scurvy. I took purge and other things for it, they increased some to a penny breadth, my thigh and leg swelled. but not on the other side, and so they did before I went from home, and continue so still; god was good to me in the temper of my heart though I am sensible I bear my infirmities about me, but my wife taxes me for great impatience. when I fear there is a provoking carelessness in her etc. and impatience too much, that bears nothing but expects I must bear all. god enable me thereto, for I have need of patience when I have done my duty.