Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.12.1674 (Sunday 25 December 1674)

document 70017825

25. This day I preached and feasted my tenants plentifully without disorder(.)

Quakers increased(,) John Garrad their head in our town, building them a meeting place appointing to meet once a week month. I am not over solicitous of the effect. having seen Abbotts (may be Abbotts) meeting house left, expecting god will appear for his truth, and I hope in particular for me in this place who truly desire to fear his name. I do not determine why; but this morning viz 26. that Garrads wife died, within 6 weeks of the use of that house, I only desire to fear and tremble, but do not question the downfall of that sect under the feet of christ and his servants.