Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.4.1675 (Sunday 25 April 1675)

document 70017935

Ap. 25. My swollen leg broke, which at first occasioned thoughts as to soreness, gangrening by the blackness of it, and following of the humour. but I bless god I know it is my father, and he will not do only what he pleases but what is best for me(.) many hearing this day, whom I pressed to particular covenanting with god, the lord accept me and mine in that bond through the beloved one. my ill leg swelled very much, with some pain, stiffness and a kind of numbness in the former part of both my feet as I have had formerly; it had great influence on my thoughts, god in mercy stood between me and the thoughts of death and the fears of it, my leg issued a little, I applied a serecloth, it run but not much. it broke at a black spot. the like is lower, on my inward knuckle(,) my wife applied a large roll to my leg of bole armeniac [ ] to dry and abate the humour. I praise god my mind is composed on his good will.