Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.7.1675, 4.8.1675, 10.8.1675, 12.8.1675 (Monday 12 July 1675)

document 70018025

July. 12. set out for Tunbridge wells. whither I came. 13. began to drink. 9. 8 ounce glasses. the. 14. I drank. 15 glasses and so continued from. 17 to Aug.1. inclusive(.) we came from there Aug: 4. and so home. Aug: 12. god merciful to me in my journey. the waters passing well with me, and good to mine in my absence for which his name be praised; and yet my mind was very unduly employed to my great grief; the 10. Mrs Colier married Mr Brage . he gave me 10 pieces of old gold.