Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.3.1678 (Thursday 28 March 1678)

document 70019000

28. the family at the priory broke up. old Mrs Harlakenden put in [to Olivers] the gentlemen did what they pleased with persons and things not [settled] in the morning Mr Eldred called up with the news. by the wagon came [to tell me] his mother was very ill, he said to me he questioned whether he sh[ould find her alive] but did not desire our prayers. Mr Bowes intended for London in his [coach. heard that the] coach man got drunk by nine o'clock. so that but like and his wife. with....[Three lines torn and missing.]

lord make it a blessing to the hearer [....]parl: adjourned until April. 11. the King intends [ ]