Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.4.1678 (Wednesday 24 April 1678)

document 70019035

24. a public fast, which I endeavoured to keep with all solemnness, and I had a consi[derable] audience of my people and some strangers. it was called by the King. no mention of his Co[uncil] our parliament advising though in sitting. the proclamation past March. 30. no mention of it in th[e Ga]zette of Monday. Ap. 8 until the Thursday Gazette: no mention of war or peace nor bles[sings] desired on the Councils on foot. the King and city kept it Ap. 10. while the Parl. was ad[journed] so that neither house kept it by themselves and called preachers to them. I thought it showed [that the] King had no great esteem for his good and blessed parliament. a sweet dewing day. lord [ ] your grace into our hearts. and hear supplication we beg of thee. I do expect ab[ ] from the prayers of this day. I will hearken for god for Christs sake will speak peace to hi[ ] no notice in the gazettes of the keeping this fast.