Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.5.1678 (Sunday 26 May 1678)

document 70019070

2. after rain that flooded our meadows, and a lowering sky. yet of gods goodness the earth dried, and in our troubles god remembers mercy and gives ease in himself to our wearied minds and in our public affairs(.) hopes that that crises we apprehended to our rel[ig]ion and liberty may admit a longer putting off, god is unsearchable in his ways [ ] therefore I will wait on the god of salvation. god good in the word and work of [the] day. my leg much swollen in instep and full of pain, broken in 4 places

[The] Parl. voted to disband the army presently.

A moist week, a wet night, god in mercy remember us in the season, for which [my he]art trusts in him and pleads the covenant with Noah and mankind: prayed hear[ ] [ f]air weather, hoping it from god against all signs of foul. god good in [ ] was to direct to plead the covenant