Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.8.1678 (Friday 9 August 1678)

document 70019130

[Wood:] 9. cleared Chalkeney wood of my share. poles, tits. longwood, without any considerable hurt to beast, wagon, and none to man, for which my praises are to god. I turn again blessing that piece of land from the lord, that made the heaven to shine over it, and the earth to be fruitful under it. god send me good pay, that I may ble[ss] the traders as I have paid well to a 1d. and performed with my men to a faggot. This day I had in all my own hard corn, very well for which I bless god, my business at home and abroad goes on well. god give me patience and thankfulness and I shall be a greater gainer in every condition. god good in my health, the fourth fever fit last. I could up about my business. H. Abbutt is very ill, and keeps in.