Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.9.1678 (Monday 30 September 1678)

document 70019210

30. Heard Mr Eldred by letter forbade the payment of my 20li. my wood. gave no reason for it(.) lord I have given him no cause. he sent me word I had business of my own I should not trouble myself with his mother . she had children of her own to look after her. I know lord them and their care. love to my dear friend and her put me to it. the letter was brought on the lords day morning on which a pay was due. lord let not man have their will on me, I look unto thee to save me: my thoughts bade me stand still and see the salvation of god: I will stand still. next morning in course read. Heb. 10. lord I desire thy mercy to break his heart and preserve me.