Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1678 (1678)

document 70020955

[1651:] Aug. 51. The Scots and King entered England, routed and ruined Sep. 3. at Worcester

51: France matters were high. Conde retreated to Bourdeaux raised arms against the King, the King marched into field against him, recalled Mazarine , whereupon Orleans declared on Condes part and divers, and many on the Kings party. so that kingdom is in flames, which the Spaniard endeavours to improve to his regaining Catalonia

Feb: 1651: all powers and judicatories in church and state in Scotland dissolved but such as is derived from the Parliament of England. the Scots were offered to be incorporated into England and made one people with us, and have the same privileges. they were not ready to embrace it