Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1678 (1678)

document 70020970

1654: Ap: 26. Dutch peace, wherein Denmark was included was publicly, proclaimed.

June. 29. Ferdinand King of the Romans died at Vienna; - Moscovites invaded Poland

Sept. 3. the protectors parliament sat at Westminster. die. 12. kept out of the house until they subscribed a recognition to acknowledge him in the government

Aug. 15. the memorable siege of Arras raised by the French.

Decemb, 20. 25: our fleet under Pen sailed towards Barbados. arrived there. Jan. 28.

28. Pope Innocent 10th . died. Jan: 8 the Cardinals went into the conclave.

Jan. 22. Protector dissolved the Parliament in painted chamber, they having not made one act

March. Alexander 7 . chosen said was called Cardinal Ghisi , his country Sienna in Italy.