Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1678 (1678)

document 70020980

1656. March. 27. a gallant fleet sailed from Torbay toward the Spanish coast.

June: 21: the Swede lost Warsow, and go down the wind much in Poland

July. 6. a great rout of the French before Valenchienne.

Aug: 20. a general choice of men for the Parl. that is to sit down. next. Sept. 17.

June. Muscovite. invaded the Swedes in Liefland. could not win Riga

July. 20. Swedes worsted the poles and retook Warsow.

Feb. Ragotzi Prince of Transilvania invaded Poland, endeavouring to get that crown

Sept. 9. we took part of the Spanish silver fleet

March. 23. Ferdinand. 3. the Emp. died, before his son was chosen King of Romans