Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1678 (1678)

document 70021000

1660: May. 29. King Charles , peaceable and happy arrival at London.

June. A. General peace in Europe.

June. Ragotzi prince of Transilvania slain in a battle against the Turks observe if that be not initium magnam mutationum in our christian affairs

8: June. Cronenburg yielded by the Swede to the Dane. oh how loathly did they part with that bridle.

May. 29. the peaceable and pompous return of Charles the second to London and to the government of the 3. kingdom. his 2 brothers with him, of which. Gloucester died of the smallpox; Sept. 13.-

Dec: 29. 60. the Parl: dissolved which the King called the healing and blessed Parl

Nov: 62. Charles 2. sold Dunkirke to the King of France for 500000. pistols a pistol is 16.4d. as I think. 400000li. sterling. whereof 100m was paid for the portion of his sister Henrietta . married to Anjou . brother of France the other brought into the tower.

Aug: 63. The Grand vizier came on Hungary with great success. Some expert [ ]