Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1678 (1678)

document 70021035

69. A polish noble chosen K: of poland. all foreign pretenders excluded. June: 5. n:S. - a brave Dutch French fleet sailed from Thoulon with a prosperous wind, arriving in Candia rode. 19: they found the town in great distress whereupon they resolved a present sally. which they did 24 under the conduct of Duke Navailes , but were beaten in with great loss: the remainder reembarked in August. and returned scarcely a 4th part. beg. of October. on their retiring the Venetian surrendered Candia to the Turks, which they entered: Sept. 17. of our account, all the Venetian force and people were retired before not: 20 persons left in it on the 4th Oct. X.S. the vizier entered with his army. being their Sabbath day Michael. (on St. Mich: day crowned at Cracow) Wiesniewiski . this Ukrania which is podolia. where his fathers estate lay, has submitted to the Turks. this and Candia. success will raise the Turks.