Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1678 (1678)

document 70021110

78: begun with a great Zeal from the commands to war with France in relief of the Spanish Netherlands voting to raise about 40000 men and 80 ships in conjunction with Holland. some suspicion fell in England might advance Orange . and France offering them and the allies terms of peace. and Lorrain coming down on Alsace the French having taken Gaunt Ipres gave the Dutch a cessation. desiring that they would be neutral in the war if the peace succeeded not(,) the cessation begins June 20. of our account.

Great stirs on the discovery of the plot. 79. Jan. began to quash and say no plot of the papists but of the presbyterians. Feb. 22. 79. great preparations for the D.y. coming to London by sea, orders to entertain him with shootings, and great joy.

May. beg: Duke of York went for Scotland by sea. in great danger of casting away he returned to London May. 27. the King was taken ill at dinner. he was made presently High admiral at sea and Lieutenant. Gen. of all forces by land. the truth of that queried [up to six lines destroyed]