Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.11.1671 (Saturday 4 November 1671)

document 70021195

Nov. 4: 1671

Lord pardon all my neglect or breach of any vows in the blood of christ Jesus, and accept any free offering of myself and all mine to be yours, hoping the same from you who are my portion. and in token of my submission to you and faith in your promises, I set apart the tenth of all my incomes in money as minister. the 10. of my rents in money, and the 10th of my profit by any bargains. the 20th. part of the money I take for all corn I sell. to pay my tenths and to serve in gods worship and for charitable bounty to gods poor as near as I can. allowing out 20s. yearly for books; and because I have 30li. rents and more due, and corn in my barn full, I charge this gift with charity pay which I esteem about 50s. Christ Jesus accept me.