Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr78)

5.12.1637 (Thursday 5 December 1637)

document 38601249

at this court it is shown that the lord through Jn Joscelyn gentleman his steward at a court held for the said manor on tuesday 10.12.1627 granted from his hands to Jn Hawksby clerk and Dionisia his wife for their lifetimes and to the longer liver and after their decease from the said lord by his special grace through his said steward he granted to Wm Hawksby son of the said Jn and Dionisia and his heirs one tenement called Fillbriggs Windmillhill and Lophams and a parcel of the lords waste and afterwards to this court came a certain Wm Evans of Martlesome or Maplesome# Suffolk yeoman before the aforesaid Wm Arwaker steward and proved his hereditary title to the tenement to be lawful here present in court in consideration of 8li paid by the said Jn Hawksby in court he remises and releases and quitclaims forever to the said Jn Hawksby and Dionisia his wife and to the said Wm son of the said Jn and Dionisia and to the heirs of the said Wm by the lords licence all his right claim and title which he has now or in the future in the said tenement and in any parcel thereof thus it is clear that neither Wm Evans himself nor his heirs nor anyone in his name can demand or sell any right title or claim in the said tenement but he is excluded forever from those certain illegible text rights or claims he gave to the lord etc