Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

8.4.1701 (Tuesday 8 April 1701)

document 40600470

at at court held 4.1.1659 Hen Abbutt was admitted for his life and remainder to Thomasin Abbutt his daughter and heirs and assigns of Thomasin forever to three crofts of land called Husseys now called Highfeild containing 4a more or less sometime parcel of a tenement of 30a called Curdes and also to 2r meadow more or less late parcel of 2a land lying near Colne Park between certain lands called Chewnie land to south and meadow sometime Wm Fisher's and now Hen Abbutt's parcel of tenement called Hayhouse to north one head abutting onto a common meadow to east other head onto meadow late Rich Smith (may be Rich Smith) 's to west and also to one croft land containing by estimation 1r more or less with appurtenances now to this court appears to homage that said Hen Abbutt late died seised and Thomasin died before him and that Thos Heckford junior is son and heir of Thomasin Thos is present here in court etc admitted etc to premises fealty respited