Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

28.6.1733 (Thursday 28 June 1733)

document 42000685

homage present that on 2.4.1733 Jarvis Williston a customary tenant of the manor surrendered by rod into hand of lord by hand of Solomon Grimston gentleman deputy steward of manor according to custom thereof all his cottage or tenement garden and appurtenances situate in Holt Street in Earls Colne to use of Hannah Clarke of Earls Colne spinster her heirs and assigns on condition that if Jarvis Williston his heirs executors administrators or assigns did well and truly pay or cause to be paid to Hannah Clarke her executors administrators or assigns the sum of 10li10s of lawful money at the place and on the day and in such manner as is therein mentioned for payment then surrender to be void