Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

4.5.1742 (Tuesday 4 May 1742)

document 42500105

at a court held for manor 22.4.1740 it was found by then homage that on 23.5.last Jas Edwards a customary tenant of manor surrendered by rod into hand of lord by hand of Read Grimston gentleman in place of the bailiff in presence of Robt Pennock and Wm Suckling two customary tenants of manor etc one tenement late in tenure of Dan Cook and Thos Catlyn in several tenures of Phil Crisp and Sarah Edwards widow situate in Earls Colne held of manor by copy of court roll to use of Jn Osborn of Easthorpe in said county his heirs and assigns forever redeemable nevertheless on payment of 20li10s on 24.1.1740 next