Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

2.6.1411 (Tuesday 2 June 1411)

document 54900089

at this court Rich de Kent opposed Wm Aunger in a plea of debt and the aforesaid Wm was distrained to appear in person whereof the same said Rich complained that the same said Wm owed to him and had kept in his own hands 18d for which he says that the same said Wm contracted with him to make two faggots from Colne Park on 20.11.5Hen4 for 14d whereof the same said Rich well and sufficiently made the same said faggots and for one further day with regard to the repair of a park hedge 4d which same said 18d the same said Wm ought to have paid on 24.11.5Hen4 the same said Wm allowed the hedging etc for the aforesaid 18d so the money for them ought to be paid etc and to this time etc to the loss etc and thereof he produces his suit and the aforesaid Wm defending denies the injury and loss etc whenever etc and he says that he owes him no money as the same said Rich declares against him and he intends to prove this through the law and therefore a day is given to the same said Wm with four hands against the next to prosecute his law upon the pledge of Thos Smyth and Robt Kyrton and the same said day is given to the same said Rich