Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

24.12.1411 (Saturday 24 December 1411)

document 54901062

fine 2s Jn Stowe (sic) out of court surrendered unto the bailiff of this manor in the presence of Wm Breton Jn Rouncy and other tenants of the lady according to the custom of the manor one messuage with garden and 20a of land more or less having and being situated and lying in divers crofts of enclosed land called Cruddes with appurtenances with a way leading to the lady's park by a small gate called the wiket without making any damage to the lady for leading in and out with one horse to the use of Rich Abraham and Joan his wife to whom the lady thereof granted seisin to hold to the same said Rich and Joan his wife and the heirs of the same from the lady at the will of the lady according to the custom of the manor saving whatever rights etc upon which forms and conditions the same said Jn Stowe should hold the aforesaid lands as enrolled at the preceding court it plainly appears and they gave to the lady for a fine for entry as shown in the margin and made fealty